High Speed internet (wired and wireless) available.

Bring your own computer with either a wireless card or an RJ45 cable to connect.

Wired Internet Directions

We have made getting high speed Internet access extremely simple. Just follow these easy steps.

  1. Bring a laptop and an RJ-45 (Ethernet) cable with you to the house. The house does not have a computer or spare cables to use. 
  2. Find an orange RJ 45 jack near the kitchen counter.
  3. Plug your laptop into the jack. 
  4. Make sure your laptop is setup to get an IP address with DHCP (Most are. To check, go to Using DHCP )
  5. Boot up your computer and you're on the Internet!

Wireless Internet Directions

If you don't want to be tied to a jack in the wall, we also provide wireless access to the Internet. To get on the Internet using wireless, just follow these steps:

  1. Bring a laptop with wireless capabilities (802.11 b)
  2. Click on the "View Available Wireless Networks." You should see the network "HRH" avaiable. This network is set up to use WPA2, so you must enter the key provided in your information kit.

Network Key will be provided in your information kit.

The example below is for Windows XP, but choose WPA2 instead of WEP.

Wireless Setup

Wireless Network Setup

Why have we set up security on the wireless?  This also ensures that only people who should be accessing the internet from the location are the ones accessing the internet.  This keeps the internet connection private and provides a basic level of security to any machines hooked up to the connection by not allowing anyone within range of the wireless device to connect to the network in the house.  All traffic to the internet goes through a firewall that does NAT (network address translation) thus providing a mask to any computers that are online. If you have a personal firewall, we still suggest that you use it to protect your machine.


Wireless and wired Internet access is provided as a free service that we don't guarantee or support. We can not control the ISP's connectivity, and if we have a hardware failure, we will not be able address it immediately. If you do encounter problems, we will work with you and the ISP to try to get them fixed as quickly as possible, but do not guarantee it will be functioning during your stay. (So far, it has worked flawlessly). 

Using DHCP. 

Go to the properties value of your network settings and choose Internet Protocol. (see red arrow below) (example is for Windows XP).   Hit properties to go to the next window

Wireless Network Setup

Make sure the following settings are chosen:

 Wireless Network Setup

Troubleshooting Tips: